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{Top 20} 26 January Poems & Poetry 2020 – (in Hindi)

26 January Poems & Poetry 2020: Patriotic Shayari.! There is no shortage of country devotees in our country. Every citizen is ready to serve the country of this country. Independence Day and Republic Day are the national festivals of India. On this day cultural events are run throughout the country. On this day, country’s devotional films and songs come on TV. At the time of all the national celebrations, the country keeps a sense of love and takes advantage of the cultural program.

26 january poems in Hindi 2020

The country’s love is for every country citizen to have its own country. In India, people of different religions live in different types of clothing, they eat different types of food but still they are all called Indians. Whether there is a Bihari or a Madarasi or a Punjabi or Bengali, all Indians are coming in the last and that is the country of our nation’s love that all of them are not related to any caste community and they are an Indian nation. On this day children and children participate in Sanskrit. If a child  becomes a Bhagat Singh then no Gandhiji. All children display some form and make this day a special day.

26 january poems
26 january poems

At the national festival, children  also speak patriotism poetry in school and college. Today, in this article we have brought for you all the country’s devotional poetry, poetry of freedom, poetry of martyrs and national poetry in Hindi, which you can speak in school and college too.

Hindi Patriot Shayari 2020 – Deshbhakti Shayari in Hindi

Note:  All the countries here have devotional SMS and patriot status. If you like, do not forget to share this article on social media, so that all other people can have patriotic awareness.

(1). Patriotic Slogan Quotes in Hindi For Students

लिख रहा हूं मैं अजांम जिसका कल आगाज आयेगा, मेरे लहू का हर एक कतरा इकंलाब लाऐगा मैं रहूँ या ना रहूँ पर ये वादा है तुमसे मेरा कि, मेरे बाद वतन पर मरने वालों का सैलाब आयेगा.

2). Heart Touching Slogan on Desh Bhakti in Hindi Language

मैं भारत बरस का हरदम सम्मान करता हूँ, यहाँ की चांदनी मिट्टी का ही गुणगान करता हुँ, मुझे चिंता नहीं है स्वर्ग जाकर मोक्ष पाने की, तिरंगा हो कफ़न मेरा, बस यही अरमान रखता हूँ.

(3). Patriotic slogans and quotes in Hindi

अपनी आज़ादी को हम हरगिज़ मिटा सकते नहीं, सर कटा सकते हैं लेकिन सर झुका सकते नहीं, इश्क तो करता है हर कोई, महबूब पे मरता है तो हर कोई, कभी वतन को महबूब बना कर देखो तुझ पे मरेगा हर कोई….

(4). Best Indian Patriotic Slogans in Hindi

अपनी आज़ादी को हम हरगिज़ मिटा सकते नहीं, सर कटा सकते हैं लेकिन सर झुका सकते नहीं…!.

(5). January 26 slogans in Hindi

खुशनसीब हैं वो जो वतन पर मिट जाते हैं, मरकर भी वो लोग अमर हो जाते हैं, करता हूँ उन्हें सलाम ए वतन पे मिटने वालों, तुम्हारी हर साँस में तिरंगे का नसीब बसता है…!

(6). Country Vatya Shayari

यही खुवाहिश खुदा हर जन्म हिन्दुस्तान वतन देना, अगर देना तो दिल में देशभक्ति का चलन देना, न दे दोलत न दे शोहरत, कोई शिकवा नही हमको, झुका दूँ सर मै दुश्मन का यही हिम्मत का धन देना, अगर देना तो दिल में देशभक्ति का चलन देना ||

(7). Earth mother shayari in hindi

Every time I dream of the earth in my eyes, whenever there is a tricolor, my shroud, and no desire is in the life, whenever I am born, India is my father.

(8). Bharat Mata Shayari and Quotes

Your earth belongs to you, this is my inheritance, this is my inheritance, which will lift your eye on this, will be buried alive ….

(9). Freedom shayari in hindi

The country needs new aficionadas. Independence like Bhagat-Azad is needed, India needs patriotic permit again.

(10). Revolutionary and patriotic slogans in Hindi

I am writing Ajam which will be born tomorrow, every single stroke of my blood will bring … I will stay or not, but this promise is to you that, the people who die after death will come to me after me ..!

(11). Poetry of Independence Shayari in Hindi

Never allow the freedom of the evening, the sacrifice of the martyrs will not be defamed, the survivors who have a drop of blood … By this time, Bharat Mata will not let the auction of auction ….

(12). Shatri

Our earth belongs to you, this is my inheritance, this is my inheritance, which will take a look at this, will be buried alive.

(13). Desh Bhakti Poem in Hindi For School Students

Someone thinks that Hindus are in danger, nobody seems to be in danger, Muslims take off their glasses and look, they will know, our Hindustan is in danger …

(14). WhatsApp Status in Hindi

The rights are not met, they are free but slavery is done, stop the soldiers who die are given in the aakhal.

(15). Latest Top Country Devotion Whotsap Status in Hindi

To keep this thing from the air, it will be lighted, keep champs burning, whose blood is protected by us. Always keep such a Tricolor in the heart ..!

(16). Indian Army Attitude Status in Hindi

Some pages have become shamshir in the chest of my country of history, who fought, those who died, they should be martyrs, who fear, who bowed down, they should become the vizir.

(17). Indian Army Patriotism Shayari

My “Hindustan” was great, great and will be great, if proud, everyone will be proud, then one day Pak will also call Jai Hind.

(18). Best Indian Army Status in Hindi For Army Brothers

The flame of freedom of spark is in my celebration; the flames of the Inquilibles are wrapped in my body, where death is in my possession, the matter is in my possession, the zeal of the sacrifice is in my shroud alive.

(19). short poem on patriotism

I am writing Ajam which will be born tomorrow, I will bring every stroke of my blood, I will stay or not, but this promise is to you that, those who die after death will come to me.

(20). Shayari on patriotism in Hindi

Vatana can not leave any of us like this, our relationship can not be broken by any of us, our heart is one, our life is ours, we are ours.

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Republic Day Poems 2019 (Desh Bhakti Kavita)

Republic Day Poems: Happy Republic Day 2019 Patriotic Poems:- Students can get 26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita in Hindi and Republic Day Patriotic Poem in English Marathi Tamil Language for their school programs. Republic day such a good day which begin to celebrate in 1950. 26-1-1950 was per day when India republic and constitution come into the power. It celebrate as national holiday. India such an incredible nation where any sort of Happy minute is celebrate as a celebration and republic day(26/1/1950) was most joyful accomplishment, nation constitution was received 26th of Jan 1950.

Republic Day Poems
Republic Day Poems

Republic day of India celebrate every year. We as a whole pride that we are Indian and live in this freedom and republic nation. Where Independence day is celebrate for India opportunity from British guideline and control in tracks republic day is celebrate for possess constitution accomplishment. After tremendous forfeits and battle Indian have been victories to make India freedom and republic.

  • माह जनवरी छब्बिसको हम
    सब गणतंत्र मनाते।
    और तिरंगे को फहरा कर,
    गीत खुशी के गाते।।
  • संविधान आजादी वाला,
    बच्चो! इस दिन आया।
    क्या करना है और नहीं क्या?
    संविधान बतलाता ।
  • भारत में रहने वालों का,
    इसने दुनिया में भारत को,
    नव गणतंत्र बनाया।।
    इससे गहरा नाता ।।

Consistently the principle festivity of national holiday is occur in new Delhi (capital of India). In 2017, India was celebrate 70th republic day, presently we will celebrate 70th India’s republic day. Prepare for 70th festival of republic day. In school programs kids takes an interest on Republic Day Poem programs. So this 26 January Poem Lines will assist you with winning the opposition.

  • ह अधिकार हमें देता है,उन्नति करने वाला।ऊँच-नीच का भेद न करता,पंडित हो या लाला।।Hindi Poem On Republic Day
  • हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, सिख, ईसाई, सब हैं भाई-भाई।सबसे पहले संविधान ने,बात यही बतलाई।।
  • इसके बाद बतायी बातें,जन-जन के हित वाली।पढ़ने में ये सब लगती हैं,बातें बड़ी निराली।।Poem On Republic Day
  • लेकर शिक्षा कहीं, कभी भी,ऊँचे पद पा सकते।और बढ़ा व्यापार नियम से,दुनिया में छा सकते।।

Each official festival of national holiday is celebrate within the sight of Prime Minister(PM). PM begin the function with Extraordinary/matchless projects invigorate the finesse of national celebrations, for example, Republic Day, Independence day and Gandhi Jayanti.

Republic Day Patriotic Poems In English For Kids Students

In Indian republic day is celebrate as stupendous capacity, Indians praise it in possess way and style, they appreciate the opportunity authoritatively and informally. authoritatively like in schools, foundations, training focuses, educational cost focuses, universities, new Delhi official capacity, and different government structures and informally like in excursion spots, motion picture lobby, shopping center, home, eateries, society and some another spots. Appreciate up and coming republic day with us and get increasingly more 70th republic day most recent stuff like republic day pictures, discourse, cites, thoughts(motivational, basic, multi-line, single line), ballad, paper, mottos and so forth. Get the best Republic Day Patriotic Poems In English and Hindi dialect.

  • सबसे प्यारा सबसे न्यारा
    है जग में गणतंत्र हमारा ,
    अपने निर्मित कानूनों से
    हमने अपना भाग्य सँवारा।
    संविधान देता है हमको
    गौरव से जीने के अवसर,
    सभी जनों में समरसता के
    भाव यही भरता है सुन्दर।
    सबको अपने विश्वासों के
    पालन की आजादी देता,
    राष्ट्र एकता का यह रक्षक
    विश्व शांति का रहा प्रणेता।
    लिखित विशाल रूप है इसका
    प्रभुसत्ता का पूर्ण प्रदायक,
    न्याय बन्धुता लोकतंत्र का
    संविधान यह रहा विधायक।
    बढ़े देश उन्नति के पथ पर
    चाहे थे इसके निर्माता,
    आजादी के संघर्षों की
    आज हमें यह याद दिलाता।
    सिखा रहा गणतंत्र दिवस यह
    संविधान का ही अनुशासन,
    देशभक्ति के जिससे हरदम
    रहें भाव जनमन में पावन।
    – सुरेश चन्द्र “सर्वहारा”

  • मत घबराओ, वीर जवानों -२
    वह दिन भी आ जाएगा।
    जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।
    कोई वीर अभिमन्यु बनकर , चक्रव्यू को तोड़ेगा
    कोई वीर भगत सिंह बनकर अंग्रेजो के सिर फोढेगा।।
    धीर धरो तुम वीर जवानों , मत घबराओ वीर जवानों
    वह दिन भी आ जायेगा जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।
    कलकल करती गंगा यमुना , जिसके गुण ये गाती हैं
    भारत की इस पुण्य धरा में, अपना गुंजार सुनती हैं।।
    आज तिरंगे के रंगों को फीका नहीं होने देगे
    इस तिरंगे की शान के लिए , अपना सर्वस्व लूटा देगे।।
    अब मत घबराओ वीर शहीदों , मत घबराओ वीर जवानों
    वह दिन भी आ जायेगा , जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।
    वीर अमर शहीदों की कुर्बानी को, कोई भुला ना पाएगा
    जब आत्याचार बढ़ेगा धरती पर, एक महापुरुष आ जायेगा

1950 was year when India republic. Since that the festival of republic day has been sort out in better places, for example, Ramalila and Irwin ground, Kingsway, Lal Kila and so forth. In nineteen fifty five right off the bat it was celebrate in Rajpath, New Delhi. In the future in 1955 first time principle capacity of republic day would celebrate in this place. Nation PM lift the national banner and offer salute to national banner with weapon discharge. On the off chance that you like this Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita Lines, share with your social companions.

26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi For Kids

Republic day is commend each year on 26th of Jan. Its likewise called “Gantantra diwas” in Hindi. Its a national holiday yet for couple of hours school staff with understudies are assembled and appreciate this celebration in school. Understudies wear need and clean school dress, woman instructors wear sarees. All youngsters and educators go to in school before banner lifting. get the most recent 26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi and I trust all of you kids like this 26 January Poem Lines. 8 Am is an official time of national flag(Tiranga) lifting, on each national celebration( Republic day, autonomy day, Gandhi Jayanti). A standout amongst the most commending event while it celebrate in everywhere throughout the India however in instructive condition it praise much. 15 or month before educators and understudies set up a bunches of represents republic day festivity. Offer this 26 January 2019 Kavita with your everything colleagues.

  • विश्व में नाम था नाम रहेगा भारत का सदा सम्मान रहेगा . जिन शहीदों ने जान लुटाई उनका लबों पर नाम रहेगा . परचम हमारा प्यारा तिरंगा दुनिया में ऊंचा निशान रहेगा फौजी हमारे है वीर सिपाही देश इनके हाथों महफूज़ रहेगा.

Poem On Republic Day

  • देवता के तुल्य है किसान यहां के कोई अब ना भूखा इंसान रहेगा खुशहाली देश की क्या खूब जवानी भारत अब विश्व का सिरमौर रहेगा
  • अपना झंडा हमको ज्यादा, प्यारा अपनी जान से युगों-युगों तक लहराएगा, सदा तिरंगा शान से.. केसरिया रंग है झंडे में, शौर्य, वीरता, त्याग का हरा रंग है खुशहाली और, Republic Day Poem In Hindi
  • जन-जन के अनुराग का श्वेत रंग तो सदा चाहता, सबको शांति जहान से अपना झंडा हमको ज्यादा,
  • इस झंडे के साथ देश कास्वाभिमान भी ऊँचा हैकसम हमें ना होंने देंगेइस झंडे को नीचा है.. नीला चक्रमध्य में कहता,बढ़े प्रगतिरथ शान से अपना झंडा हमको ज्यादा……………………… 
    Hindi Poem On Republic Day 

  • झंडे का मान बढ़ानेप्राण दिये हैं वीरों नेपा आजादी लाल किले परफहराया रणधीरों नेझंडा गीतों कीस्वर लहरीगूँजे दूर वितान सेअपना झंडा हमको ज्यादा, ………………… 

How instructors set up their understudies for Republic Day festivities?

  • First they call every one of the kids’ in a corridor/classroom.
  • At that point educators report more themes with respect to republic day festivity.
  • Points like Speech on republic day, article on republic day, Poem, enthusiastic tunes, Dance, Drama and so forth.
  • Understudies who need to perform on any of these points, enlist your name and begin planning for the best execution.
  • 1 or 2 hour’s zero class is additionally sort out, amid the 6 hour class for republic day programs practice.
  • Educators support to all understudies with respect to republic day arrangement.
  • On 25th of Jan understudies give the at last demo in the front of instructors.
  • Here after instructors synchronize the program list for republic day work.

Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita | 26 January Patriotic Poems In Hindi

Republic Day service done convenient in appropriate way. Military power of India additionally assume best job in this capacity. Approx parts of Indian armed force give nearness in each national celebration and engage to all open with their astonishing demonstrations. Through these demonstrations they offer tribute to homeland. In this republic day principle work a different demonstrations is to be played by Indian armed force. Expectation this article of Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita and 26 January Patriotic Poems will accommodating all of you.

Commend this national holiday with extraordinary way and offer this Republic Day Poems In Hindi Post on long range interpersonal communication locales. Wish all of you Happy republic Day 2019. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.