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30+ Republic Day Happy Birthday Messages 2020

Republic Day Happy Birthday: By reading the title of my beloved Bharat Desh, you may have been aware that in this article, I am going to share the message of the best wishes of Republic Day for you. But before that , I want to share some special information about Republic Day with you.

Why is Republic Day celebrated on 26th January only?

Republic Day is the day on which the Constitution of our country was enforced, the Constitution of India was empowered on January 26, 1950 , which removed the Government of India Act (1935). The Constitution of India was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, and came into effect on 26 January 1950 with a democratic government system to fulfill the country’s transition towards becoming an independent republic.

Republic Day Happy Birthday

January 26, this national festival of Republic Day is celebrated with joyful celebration throughout the year, patriotic songs and slogans arise from the sky, especially the sky of Delhi because it is the capital of India. On this holy occasion of Republic Day, cultural events are organized at places (such as schools, colleges and offices). If you also want to take part in the program organized in your school on this day and want to sing a speech and patriotic songs on Republic Day, then  you can get help from because I have already updated the article on the 26th of January . .

Republic Day Happy Birthday quotes
Republic Day Happy Birthday quotes

All Indians send greetings to each other on Republic Day , social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and many social media are used to send greetings. You can get a patriotic republic day poetry collection from one of these articles in this article, if you wish, you can also update it as a status from your social account on Republic Day. If you do not waste too much time  , you start reading the message of Republic Day greetings , if you  like Shayari on Republic Day, tell us by comment and share this article on social media.

Republic Day Happy Birthday Shayari in Hindi

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#1. “Come, let us worship the zuk, we are those who come to the part
It is a lucky blood that comes to work for the country. ”

#2. “Ganga, Yamuna here Narmada, church with temple mosque.
Peace education gives me love, my constant love forever. ”

#3. Honor of the Republic of India, the whole world;
Blossoming for decades, its wonderful splendor;
History preserved by giving all religions;
That is why every countryman has faith in it.
Republic Day Congratulations!

#4. The real republic becomes only when the constitution comes from the paper
and joins the life of common people.
Let’s do something like this: Show everyone that we all agree.
Republic Day Happy Hardy!

#5. Have respect for the nation, remain
in India with every heart,
not a date for the country,
India has every breath for mother only.
Republic Day Congratulations!

#6. There is a different language, religion caste and province,
but one of us is one of the glorious national flag tricolor best.
Happy Congratulations to Republic Day of all the countrymen!

#7. Do not ask from time to time, what is our story,
we just have to recognize that all of us are Hindustani.
Republic Day Congratulations!

#8. Feel the freshness of the shadow!
The workers of the workers are the feet of their feet!
Whenever there is no visible sight in the storm!
The last hope is that the world is a nostalgia!
When you see the happy people!
There is a strange voice from inside the heart of the village!
Noise left the Parliament’s walls and flew away!
Even today, the ears live forever!
Republic Day Congratulations!

#9. Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christian has protected every religion;
People of all classes have pledged to honor;
Such a strong and strong democracy is ready;
Every countryman has a sincere desire.
Republic Day Congratulations!

#10. Let’s wake ourselves up again;
The curse of discipline is revived;
Recall those knights;
Because of which we enjoy this democracy.
Happy Republic Day!

#11. Watan is such an endless person, we have no
such end,
our relationship can not break
our heart, our heart is one, our life is one, our
heart is ours,
ours is ours , Hindustan is ours Its beauty

Republic Day Happy Birthday 2020

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# 12. Shiro Shayari on January 26 Republic Day

Do not die for Sanam, for the sake of Sanam infidelity 

two yards of land will not be available for burial, 
if you have to die, then for your own sake, to 
die then die for your own sake, 
Hasina will also take scarf for the shroud. |

# 13. With shayari photo on 26th January

Let’s bow down and bow to them, in 
whose part it comes, 
it is lucky that the blood which comes in the country … .. !!

#14. Republic Day Wishes in Hindi For WhatsApp

‘s remember that look again today, let’s remember that look again today, in the heart of the 
martyrs who remembered Jwala, in 
which flow of freedom had reached the shore, 
which had flown through freedom, on the banks of the river, 
the blood of patriotism Stream remembered ||

#15. Republic Day Thoughts in Hindi

There are many people who meet many people in the world, many people are expected 
to meet him, but there is 
no good news from Vatana ||

# 16. Republic Day Desh Bhakti Facebook status in Hindi

The Republic of India, the Mann in the whole world, 
blossomed for decades, its wonderful glory, 
all religions, given the history of honor; 
therefore every countryman has faith in it. 
Happy every day of Republic Day …

#17. Republic Day Quotes in Hindi For Facebook and WhatsApp

Those people who are happy, they 
die they die even if they die they are destined to 
die on the Salaam e Vatan, in 
your every breath, there is the luck of the Tricolor.

# 18. Poem on the Republic Day for children

I respect Amit every year in India, I admire 
the moonlight soil here, 
am not worried about going to heaven, to get salvation, the 
tricolor and the shroud mine, just keep this arman.

# 19. Desh Bhakti Poem in Hindi for Class 1 to 10

To keep such a thing clear, 
air will be kept burning, it is 
by blood that we protect, 
always keep such a Tricolor in our heart. 
Jai Hind Jai Bharat….

# 20. Shayari on patriotism in Hindi

Let’s wake up 
again revolve around the churning of discipline, the 
golden color is the blood of the republic, with the blood of the 
republic, we bow to all those servants. 
Happy Republic Day wishes for you …

# 21 Patriotic poem for children in Hindi language

Spirit of freedom will never be not less 
would rob life of the country will be required 
because India is our country 
now will return to no impact on the 
|| Jai Hind ||

#22. Republic Day WhatsApp Status in Hindi

Destroy hunger, poverty and helplessness 
from today, from this earth, let 
the Indians of India give 
all their rights 
come together and celebrate the Republic in a new form. 
|| Happy Congregation Day ||

Republic Day Happy Birthday Messages and Poems to All of You

# 23.  Happy Republic Day Messages in Hindi

There are many people,
but there is no good news from the
auspices, many are killed in gold,
but there is no beautiful shroud from the Tricolor.

#24. 26 January Attitude Status in Hindi

Keeping such a thing in the air, the
lights will be lit, keeping the lamp lit,
by giving blood, which we protect,
always keep such a Tricolor in your heart.
|| Happy Congregation Day ||

#25. Happy Republic Day Attitude Status in Hindi

Freedom will not allow the evening,
the sacrifice of the martyrs will not be defamed, the
survivors who have a hot blood,
till then Bharat Mata will not let the auction be held.

#26. Inspirational Quotes on Republic Day in Hindi

This hatred is bad, do not do it, let
me have a clice, take it out, do
not you, nor mine, nor its, nor his,
all this is the heritage , save it to him .
Jai Hind Jai Bharat.
|| Vande Mataram ||

# 27 Happy Republic Day wishes in Hindi

In the heart of the
world, decorate the mother’s name in the heart.

Turn every hurricane that bumps into India,
whether it is your sewa or the trickle of the tricolor.

Stop it, play it among yourselves. Now
remember Holi that mother who squeezed the blood with blood.

Whose way are you looking, you become a soldier
on the outskirts, right or wrong, learn how to fight against the Blinds.

It is not enough to say that India is our honor. It is
our duty to say our country.

Our nation is developed, every color is brought out
, giving introduction to the form, we are all Indians.

Congratulations to all of you on Republic Day …

#28. Short Slogans on Republic Day in Hindi

Not just celebrating, not just flapping the flag,
it is not enough on the legend, do not forget the memories,
those who have been sacrificed their lapses,
not for God, for the sake of life,
we have to bring , we have brought out kayaks from the storm,
Keep this country to handle my children ….

#29. Republic Day Shayari in Hindi Language

Today the martyrs are you, Ahle Vatan’s challenge,
Chorus slavery chains, Barsao Angara,
Hindu-Muslim-Sikh ours, Brother-brotherly love,
this is the flag of freedom, it is salam ours ||
Happy Indian Republic Day

#30. Good Thoughts on Republic Day in Hindi

Swimming is what floats in the ocean,
what is kept in the river nallah, to
love , then do
what is kept in this unfaithful people with the destiny.
Happy Republic Day.

# 31. Happy Republic Day Republic Day Coats in Hindi

Everywhere from good, Hindostan, we are our bubbles, its gullastan ours ||

# 32  Republic Day poetry for WhatsApp and Facebook

Dag slavery was washed away,
lamps lit, how many lamps are burnt,
when it is freedom, then this freedom will have
to be kept … by saving every enemy today.
Happy Republic Day …

# 33. Happy Birthday poems in Hindi

The country has been
free from the sacrifices of devotees
if we have any questions, then say proudly.
We are indian

This article is coming to an end now, hopefully you will like the Republic Day greetings and you will also share it with your loved ones … Happy Greetings of Republic Day from you and …!

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Republic Day Messages 2019 – [Best 26 January Message]

Happy Republic Day Messages – 26 January Message: Hey! Friends. Here I am with yet another exciting post. The year year is almost here followed by the national celebration of the year Republic Day. Every year we celebrate Republic Day on 26th January on account of our constitution which came into existence on 26th January 1950. Ever since then, every year the nation celebrates the day with grand and regal celebrations. So here we present to you republic day messages.

Republic Day Messages

So that you can put a smile on the faces of your loved ones with just a little happy republic day messages. Don’t forget to rejoice and remember the great day in the Indian History with these republic day greetings messages. Since the time, we have came a long way and also we have a long way to go. So don’t forget to remember the outstanding democracy we are today and celebrate this with our message for republic day.

You can send these republic day sms messages to your loved ones and remind them of our greatfullness. I am pretty sure you’re gonna fall into love with these 26 january messages. Here we have a big collection of message on republic day. So feel free to go through all the republic day messages sms. And then don’t forget to share these message of republic day with your friends on social media.

Republic Day Messages

  • New Year Tha To Sab 25 Din Phle Wish Karne Lage
    5 Din Baad 26 JAN Hao, Par Koi Msg Nai
    Sharm Ati Hai Sab Pe
    Any wayz..
    Happy Republican Day in Advance
    Mere desh ka loktantra mahan hai.
  • Jisne sabko jine ka,
    abhivyakti ka,
    samanta ka… haq diya.
    Aao aise loktantra ka samman kare..
    Aur apne adhikaro, kartavyo ka palan kare.
    Aur apne gantantra ko celebrete
  • Never forget the supreme sacrifices of soldiers who died for the welfare of the nation.
    Happy Republic Day!
  • Never Forget The Hero’s
    Who Sacrificed Their Lives
    To Bring Up This Glorious Day To India,
    Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • Recalling and Rejoicing
    In the Victory of Our Freedom Fighters
    on This 70th Republic Day
    Best Wishes to All
    Happy Republic Day
  • India is the song we must sing. India is the dream we must realize. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • We the people. We are India! Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • It’s time we invest in soul connect with our nation — Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • India, the land which invented Zero is now much respected for inventing ‘Jugaad’. Time to celebrate India.
  • Rocky terrains, mesmerizing hills, enchanting beaches, enthralling deserts, pristine backwaters and wonderful people. India as we know it! Happy Republic Day 2019.

Happy Republic Day Messages

  • Indian Hone Par Kariye Garv,
    Milke Manayen Loktantra Ka Parv,
    Desh Ke Dushmanon Ko Milke Harao,
    Har Ghar Par Tiranga Lehrao.
  • Mere Desh Ka Maan Hamesha Banaye Rakhunga,
    Dil To Kya Jaan Bhi Is Pr Nichhawar Karunga,
    Agar Mile Mauka Desh K Kaam Aane Ka,
    To Bina Kafan K Hi Desh K Liye So JaungaHappy Gantantra Diwas
  • We cheat, we evade and still call India great. Seriously? Let us truly make India happen.
  • May our actions demonstrate our love for the nation. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • India and diversity go hand in hand. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • North, South, East, West and North East – India is the best. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • India is enough to make this world a better place. Let’s do it!
  • Let us not allow the world to take our culture and civility as our weakness. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • Let us make India happen at the speed of thought – Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • Make in India is ensuring Making of India. A New India is Happening. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • Let us fuel our desire to win, let us energise every part of our country. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • We are a world-class republic, it is time to deliver a world-class performance. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • We are winning the war on corruption and nepotism – Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • India has been built to last, we have to move it from ‘arriving’ to ‘Have Arrived’. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • It’s about our people and our world Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • Be the Leader. Make the Difference. Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • One Constitution, One Nation, One People – Happy Republic Day 2019.


Message Of Republic Day

  • Kuch Nasha ‘TIRANGE’ ki Aaan ka hai.
    Kuch Nasha ‘MATRBHUMI’ ki Shaan ka hai.
    Hum Lahrayenge har Jagah ye ‘TIRANGA’
    Nasha Ye ‘HINDUSTAN’ ki Shaan ka hai..
    Jai ho..
  • Ek boat me Mayawati,
    Ja Rhe the,
    Suddenly Boat doob gayi
    to batao kon bacha?
    Hamara DESH.
  • Happy Republic Day…

Republic Day Messages Sms

  • Watan Ki Sar Bulandi Me, Humara Naam Shamil,
    Guzarte Rehna Hai Humko Sada Aise Mukamo Se,
    Saare Jaha Se Achcha Hindusitan Humara-Humara,
    Wish You A Very Happy Republic Day SmS.
  • Sabhi Bharat Vasion Ko Republic Day Ki,
    Hardik Shubhkamnayein,
    Meri Dua Hai Mere Desh Par Kisi Ki Nazar Na Lage,
    Aise Hi Phulon Ki Tarah Mehakta Rahe Ye Desh Hamara.

Happy Republic Day Sms Messages

  • Sabhi Bharat Vasion Ko Republic Day Ki,
    Hardik Shubhkamnayein,
    Meri Dua Hai Mere Desh Par Kisi Ki Nazar Na Lage,
    Aise Hi Phulon Ki Tarah Mehakta Rahe Ye Desh Hamara.
  • Chhadh gaye jo hasker suli..
    Khai jinhone sine per goli..
    Hum unko parnaam karte hain,
    Jo mit gaye dekh per..
    Hum unko salaam karte hain.

Republic Day Greetings Messages

  • Kyun marte ho yaro snam ke liye,
    Na degi duppta kfan ke liye,
    Marna hai to maro VATAN ke liye,
    TIRANGA to mile ga kfan ke liye.
    Jai Hind
    Happy Republic day
  • .-._.–.’-., .’

    _-‘ I ‘-._ _.._..,

    ._.-.’ LOVE ‘ -‘.-‘

    ‘._/ MY   ‘;’-


    ‘. .’


  • Jai Hind

Republic Day 2019 Whatsapp messages

Republic Day 2019 Whatsapp Status Messages : On This Republic Day we are providing you some cool Whatsapp Status which will blow your mind and will keep you to be more active on your Whatsapp group. 26th January Whatsapp Status are always cool ideas for celebrating this Happy Republic Day 2019. In this year 2019 this is 70th Happy Republic Day India. So India will celebrate 70th Republic Day 2019 on this 26th Jan. There were too many big personalities who were involved to get this success. So enjoy these Independence Day Whatsapp Status 2019.

Republic Day 2019 Whatsapp Status messages

  • Alag hai Bhasha, Dharm Jaat
    aur prant, bhesh, parivesh
    par hum sab ka ek hai gaurav
    Rashtradhwaj tiranga shrestha
    Gantantra Diwas ki Hardik Shubh Kamnayein.
  • Watan Hamara Mishal Mohabbat Ki,
    Todta Hai Deewaar Nafrat Ki,
    Meri Khush Naseebi Mili Zindagi Is Chaman Me,
    Bhula Na Sake Koi Iski Khushbu Saton Janam Me,
    Gantantra Diwas Ki Hardik Shubh Kamnayein …
  • Republic Day Is The Time 2 Recall
    The Famous Vande Matarm
    The Chant That Gave Us The Freedom
    May The Indian Spirit Prosper 4ever
    To Remember Is To Cherish
    Let Us Remember And Chant
    Vande Mataram

26 January Republic Day 2019 Whatsapp Status

  • The Far We Have As A Nation,
    The Endless Problems,
    And The Struggle For Justice,
    Freedom And Equal Rights
    For Every Patriot Calls For Love,
    Peace And Unity Among The Citizens Of This Nation…
  • 60 Ka Hua Hai Savidhaniska
    Mujhe Hain Abhiman
    Par Yaronkam Na Ho Iska Samman
    Rakhna Hai Bas Itna Dhyan
    “Happy Republic Day”
  • Zindagi Watan K Liye Lutana.
    **Happy 70th Republic Day**
  • Nahi Sirf Jashn Mnana,
    Nahi Sirf Jhande Lehrana,
    Yeh Kafi Nahi Hai Watanparashti,
    Yadon Ko Nahi Bhulana,
    Jo Qurbaan Huye,
    Unke Lafzon Ko Aage Badhana,
    Khuda Ke Liye Nahi,

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